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 Final Fantasy: Deadly Alliance

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy: Deadly Alliance   Final Fantasy: Deadly Alliance Icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2010 9:45 am

Ok, yeah i know i ripped off the title from Mortal Kombat. But i used it in a parody way... sort of.... Anyway after my last 2 maps were rejected at Hive i kinda got thinking i should figure out how i should make this map, apparently i dont think i did too well. Anyway, this is about when the darkness in Cloud gets too strong and since Tifa isnt around to "surround him with light" (phrase from KH2) Cloud needs additional help to take down Sephiroth. Squall/Leon is the next best thing to fill in this position (besides Sora) But Sephiroth not only gotten stronger (and have LOT more health) he also has his own army too (And a player army). Luckly for you nearby townsfolk decides to help you in your battle against Sephiroth. Note, that Cloud can attack trees (Hint Hint Wink Wink Nugde Nudge)
-Model Creators are given credit (look in quest tab).
-Dont steal credit for making this map
-Dont post this map anywhere else

Final Version 2 Features:
-New Music
-Non-Final Fantasy boss taken out
-Players can only be red, blue, and teal
-One passive ablility for both Squall and Cloud
-Cinematic Cutscene improved
-28 Character Limit so I removed the "Final Version 2" Part

Ok, due to lack of comments and downloads, I worked out this map to its full potential. Also, I might make a bigger and better map the next time i make a map. So deal with this map and ENJOY!!
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Final Fantasy: Deadly Alliance
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